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About us:

           Our family breeding station Golden Slovakia Secret started in june 2014 with aim to breed, train and develop working abilities of amazing breed -hunting dog Golden Retriever in the most loving way.  Everything happened 4 years ago when my life partner got me a birthday present for my 40ties; a living present in form of a beautiful cream colored puppy. It was a female with a cute name Cayley Gold Heart. I couldnt decide which area of the interest we should both dedicate to; whether it should  be canistherapy or rescue services.In the end the a coincidence directed us somewhere else. We attended „Working test“ WT weekend seminar for labradors and golden retrievers organized by Iva Zástěrová with Tiborom Pittich in the beautiful valley and nature spot called „Turcianska kotlina“ in Trusalova. The training was led by an experienced czech trainer Martin Incédi who inspired me when he showed off what he can do with his dog. I remember I was amazed and watched with excitement the other more experienced handlers and their pets. Cayley as 13 months old and me as a complete beginner in the area of working tests as well as the dog training, committed completely with our hearts . It has been already 3 years now since Cayle and I train and attend not only all the trainings but also competitions and tests.

We would like to share our stories and make you more familiar with breed Golden retriever.  Moreover we would like to show and present the ways to spend freetime with a dog in a meaningful way in nature on the fresh air accompanies with a good mood and a bunch of friends both human and animal.Usmev